Property Nepal - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this is yes. Before the building's construction starts, make sure that you have the necessary permits to start the construction. Any construction project without the required licenses may result in project delays, project demolitions, or huge fines. Moreover, obtaining insurance for the required parties helps to save both owner and the contractor in case of accidents.

This part is actually where the construction process starts. When preparing the site based on the site and building plan, necessary excavations, leveling, and filling should be done. It is also essential to have the proper hole for utilities, power, water, temporary storage facilities, and sanitation lines. They then follow it with an inspection from government officials, which occurs at different construction stages, such as the utilities, HVAC, electrical works, etc. Once the project is complete, a final inspection will then immediately proceed.

Of course, building structures are generally-constructed on concrete foundations. However, the foundation chosen can vary depending on the soil type and water table level. You can also perform a soil testing to check the bearing capacity, if necessary. For low-rise buildings they require shallow foundations, while high-rise buildings require a pile foundation.